Mama's Belly Cast
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We are excited to be offering belly casting services to mamas in the Kansas City area.

This is a simple process using plaster bandages, which are formed to your belly, then dried & sanded. This $75 cost covers the consultation, wrapping appointment (which is done in the comfortably appointed massage room of Om Prana Yoga in Parkville).

During the consultation, you may choose to appoint artist Tricia Szasz to design & create your finished Belly Art. The cost of which is determined by the amount of detail you wish for her to put into the finished product. This can range from $75 for a smoothed, blank cast which you can decorate yourself, to $125 for a simple design (such as the bronze colored one pictured here), to $200 or more for a completed painting by the artist.

Tricia Szasz has been a working artist for over 20 years, has studied in Europe at the International Artists' Exchange & the Hungarian Ceramics Studio in Kecskemet, Hungary. Her paintings have sold in a range from $375 to $1,700, depending on size, detail & content. As an artist she is extremely competent, but her true talent lies in oberving her clients & paralleling perfectly their personality with her designs.

You may also choose to have the cast dried & trimmed only, to complete the finishing process yourself. There is no additional cost for this, but please keep in mind there are many layers of mudding, sanding & smoothing required to achieve even a somewhat smooth finish. Expect 10 to 20 hours of very messy work over the course of a week or two to complete just the smoothing process. Also, the cast is fairly fragile prior to this process being completed &, should the cast break during the smoothing process, another casting appointment will be required.

You may contact us to set up an appointment or if you are purchasing this as a gift, once we receive your order we will contact you regarding the best way to send the gift certificate to you.

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Mama's Belly Cast

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